Wednesday, April 21, 2010

$1 Toddler Dress

So, I was at Always the other day, aka Wal Mart. My daughter thinks it is the Always store because they have that huge sign on the front of the building that says ALWAYS!!
Anyway, they have reduced their fabric departments down to about 6 different fat quarters. Blah, well, their fabric wasn't always the best quality, you could get some good deals on certain sewing needs.

So I got a few fat quarters. And started experimenting and came up with this cute little toddler dress. I just used one of my daughter's size 10 shirts. Cut off the arms and used the bodice as the dress pattern.  Now, I am going to do the same thing for my big girl, and just use a whole yard instead.  I am going to use the same technique to make her some tops like this. Won't be $1 but will still be cheap and super cool for summer!

Used some of the scraps to make this cute little square flower. Used ribbon from my stash for the straps. 

And here is a picture of it being modeled. I had to chop my models head off in PS because it was my 2 year old SON! I did save a copy of the photo with his head in it. One day that picture will come in veryyy handy!

Bye for now!


  1. Cute dress! I like the little flower. I'm fibrous from swapbot, and I'm now following your blog.

  2. Cute dress! If you want, stop by and link up at my Thursday party Make It Wear It especially for all things made to be worn!

  3. you are a terrific mom for making these with so much love and care!

  4. Following from swap-bot and happy to do so! Love the blog!

  5. i like the colors scheme of it.nice nice.

  6. Hi! Teresa stopping in from Swap Bot. Following your blog.

  7. Haha...poor little guy is going to be blackmailed someday. :D :D

    I love that your daughter calls it the Always store. That's great!

    Our Wal-Mart doesn't sell fabric at all anymore. They cut the craft section WAY down after the big remodel. There is a WM about 20 miles away with a huge selection of cheap fabric, though. Sometimes it isn't the best quality, but it's perfect for a beginner like myself.

    P.S. That dress is great! I hope I can learn to make dresses for my little girl before she gets too big!

    APlusAmigurumi from swap-bot following your blog

  8. I'm moonwild from swapbot. I;m happily following your wonderful blog.
    Laurie Dorrell

  9. Hi, just stopping by again from swap-bot. Love this dress! It reminds me of the stuff my mom used to make me when I was that age. Summer was always made better with a new cool, lightweight dress. You're a good mom. :o)

  10. Hi, sorry for the lateness, just following your blog. Love your toddler dress, have to make one for my daughter ;D. Great blog by the way.
    Sonyaok from swapbot

  11. Cute dress. I think I will give it a shot. Just a hint for trying to find usable fabric... buy gingham or posh fabric.. anything with a percentage of polyester in it. This makes it more wash and wearable and it is one of the fabrics they keep on hand at "Always."