Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Summer Bag Patterns~ Roundup

It is that fun time of year again when we need a bag for every occasion. The beach, grocery shopping, pool, summer vacation, farmer's markets! So I am scanning the web for some  Fun, Free Bag Tutorials!!!!

from Robert Kaufman
Always love Robert Kaufman fabrics and designs! Aren't these fabrics gorgeous?

                                        Maiden Jane's Oversized Beach Tote
Oh wow! How many beach towels can we fit in this oversized bag?!

Beach Bag Pattern 
 by ReannaLily Designs

Another great beach bag (from a  fellow military wife!! Hooah!). This one is great! I love the quilted detail of it. Her pattern is so clear and easy to follow! Check out the huge size! So big her son can even fit into this bag!! Thanks, ReannaLily!


Teeny-Tiny Tote Tutorial
 by KellyRachel

I love this little cutie. Great for your keychain! Great for your kids belt loop!
Clip it on a backpack!
I think I am going to make at least 5 of these!


{EEEEEEEK!!!!} This is so amazing!! Make any bag into a camera bag! I love the genius behind this project! Go and check out Vanilla & Lace's Tutorial for this super fab camera bag!


Okay, peeps! Let's go create some Summer accessory style with these amazing ladies and their creative ideas!!



  1. I am trying to download the teeny tiny tote tutorial with no luck, can you help me?

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my oversized tote tutorial!