Saturday, May 29, 2010

Turtle Needle Case and a GIVEAWAY!!

Hey guys!!
 A purple turtle needle case.  He is equipped with an on the go ring. Of course you can use him on the couch while watching a good movie also! My sewing machine is in transit to South Korea right now(yes we are moving to South Korea this Summer. Can't wait to get my hands on some amazing new textiles!!)  so I have to rely on my hand sewing and embroidery to get me through the summer. I have lots of hand sewing projects to share so keep in touch!  I made this little guy to keep all my needles in while we are living la vida VAGABOND!  He fits right on my embroidery thread ring and he is just so cute!

Love this little guy. Would you like one as well? Just leave a comment by June 4th and you can have your own little turtle needle case for your on the go summer!

On June 4th a random commenter will be chosen to get their own Little Turtle Needle Case!
Thank you all for reading!!


  1. Of course I would love one! I am meaning to make a needle case for ages ... but so far have not made one yet. So this would really be helpful! :-)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. How adorable! Would love to have such a cute needlecase. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. Thats so cute! I love the colour also! All things purple always have a special shine to me ;) And moving to Korea? Wow... I hope you'll have a great time there.

  4. I like it, it is cute