Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Travel Passport Wallet Tutorial


So, in case you hadn't heard, and most of you haven't because I am so way new to the blogging world, we are spreading our wings and moving to South Korea this summer. Since there are five of us, we will have a ton of boarding passes, passports and IDs to present at each and every airport along the way! So, I thought I would come up with a Passport Travel wallet to keep all of our documents handy on our travels. Of course, I don't have a passport (my old one expired and new one is in route via USPS!) or a boarding pass on hand for the pic. So I used a check book and regular wallet stuff, and turns out it works great as an everyday wallet too! So, even if you aren't moving to Korea you can still whip up this fun wallet!
Fabric:  Two              9.75" X 8.75"       Front and Back
               One             4.5" X 8.75           Pocket
              One              4" X 9"                 Pocket 
              Two             4" X 9"                  Strips
               One             9.75"  X 8.75"        
                Two            4"  X  9"        
Elastic string
Two Buttons

Here is the inside. 
So This is your first step after cutting your fabric. To get the slanted pocket just  measure in 1" on the top and 1" on the side and put a small dot at both. Use a ruler to connect the dots and cut along that line.

Create a finished edge for the opening of both pockets.

Front piece

My straps are a little long in this pictures. I cut them down after taking the picture. Sorry, didn't mean to be confusing!

Almost done...

I marked this picture for what I intend the pockets to be used for during travel. But I kinda like my checkbook and all in here. I think I may start using it everyday !

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  1. Lovely wallet. I am flying for the first time in years so I need to make one of these.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics! I need to renew my passport - perhaps it needs a new home? :)

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  4. Great tutorial. I have been planning on making a passport wallet and I'm going to try your design.

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  5. I love how this turned out!! I love your choice of fabrics, too.


  6. your tutorials are terrific! i am looking forward to reading more.

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  7. Wow you have some great tutorials! I'm following from swapbot but will be back for sure.


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    noodleBubble- LOVE the fabric you've used for this! Good luck with the move.

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  9. Looking good.
    You write a great tutorial. Easy to understand!

    Thanks Rachel!

  10. By any chance, do you remember the name or maker of that blue fabric? I am getting ready to head over to Seoul next month and just picked up our passports and would love to make this so our passports and tickets can all be in one place, make my life alot easier =)

  11. are these measurements right as ive cut pieces and it doesn't seem like its right?